Tasks as Legal Representatives of the SCC

  • Registration of New Board: immediately after the election, the new board has to be legally registered and the protocol of the General Assembly has to be forwarded. 
  • Legal Representatives: The Charis represent the SCC and they have to ensure that legal requirements are respected at all times.

Necessary Skills

  • Reliability and Responsibility: Being reachable, organized and structured, accomplishing tasks on time, keeping up with the processes of the SCC, etc.
  • Strong Communication and Moderation Skills:good understanding of challenges of virtual multinational teams, etc.
  • Advanced Interpersonal Skills: Emotional intelligence and empathy, intercultural sensitivity, promoting inclusion, and equal opportunities for everyone, establishing open feedback culture, being a team-player, etc.
  • Strong leadership skills:experience in leadership positions, clear vision of what should be achieved with SCC, motivating others, etc.
  • Dedication: Devote oneself to the SCC and to participate in many video call meetings.Not candidating for a CVupgrade, but to actually put work and effort into improving SCC and fulfilling its mission.
  • Good Relationship with the other Chairperson

Managing the SCC and the Board

  • Overview: In order for chairs to steer the organization, they have to keep track of what is going on in all teams inside of the SCC.
  • Managing the Board’s Communication: The main tasks consist of organizing, preparing, and moderating the monthly video call meetings as well as writing and sharing protocols.
  • Preparation of Agendas: What is everyone being up to? What needs to be done? What has effectively been done? Are there people who are not working on their tasks? Which is the best strategy to solve *a specific problem*? 
  • Problem Solving: When problems arise or a new task has to be approached, the Chair’s responsibility is to gather information about the situation and to prepare proposals on how to deal with the situation. 
  • Strategic Orientation: Coordinating the process of setting (strategic) goals for the board during their term of office. Preparing and leading the set-up of project plans and roadmaps for the board as well as steering the compliance with the roadmap and plans.
  • Task Distribution: Coordinating which tasks are handled by which team, delegating responsibilities. 
  • Monitoring: Tracking the progress of the working groups and board members in order to ensure the meeting of deadlines and objectives.
  • Future Conference, General Assembly, and Recruitment: Initiate and oversee the planning of the General Assembly and the Future Conference 2021 in cooperation with the IstKon Core Team. Find candidates for the next board election. 

Leadership inthe SCC and the Board

  • Approachability: Chairs are the first contact persons for people inside or outside of SCC. They have to be approachable and reachable for all members. 
  • Equal opportunities and Inclusion: The tasks are to ensure that the values of equality and equal opportunities are respected and that differing or new opinions are included in discussions, regardless of nationality, gender, or other traits. 
  • Cooperation between Chairs: Regular communication and close cooperation between the chairs are crucial to dealing with the chairs’ responsibilities and tasks. This includes e.g. keeping each other updated about the progress and about what has to be decided in the next board video call meeting.
  • Motivation and Leadership: Motivating the board members and regular members to fulfill their tasks, to feel motivated about the work in the SCC, and to promote an open and positive working climate.