Tasks of the ER Working Group: The ER team is responsible for all relationships of SCC towards other organizations and people. This includes the following tasks:

  • Building Relationships: engaging in network events, communication with stakeholders and partners outside of SCC
  • Creating new project partnerships: searching for potential partners for new projects and collaborations
  • Finding Sponsorship: Looking for possibilities to increase our financial budgets in cooperation with the Finance Team.

Necessary Skills

  • Strong Communication Skills: Experiences with virtual multicultural teams, moderation skills, protocol writing experience, etc.
  • Networking Skills: Confidently representing SCC and its values to external partners, not being afraid to reach out to new people and organizations.
  • Reliability and Responsibility: Being reachable, organized and structured, accomplishing tasks on time, keeping up with the processes of the ER working group and the board, etc.
  • Advanced Interpersonal Skills:Empathy and emotional intelligence, intercultural sensitivity, inclusive and open personality, team-player, etc. 
  • Motivation and Creativity: Dedication to spend much time in this position and the advancement of SCC and the ability to develop and implement new ideas.
  • Strong leadership skills:experience in leadership positions, clear vision of what should be achieved with SCC, motivating others, etc.

 Tasks as the Coordinator of the ER Working Group

  •  Finding and Motivating People to Work in the ER Working Group
  • Managing ER’s Internal Communication: establishing regular communication between ER team members in order to set objectives, plan projects and fulfill tasks.
  • Task Distribution and Monitoring: Coordinating which tasks are handled by which team member, delegating responsibilities. Tracking the progress of the ER working group and ensure the meeting of deadlines and objectives.
  • InformingTeam Members about Important Board Decisions
  • Contact Person: First contact for questions, ideas and issues regarding ER.
  • Creating Open and Inclusive Work Environment: Equal opportunities for everyone, respect for and inclusion of different opinions, promoting culturally and gender-sensitive communication.

Tasks as a Member of the Board

  • Monthly Video Call Meetings: Preparation for and participation in all meetings is a crucial task for board members. This includes reading the agenda and proposals before the meeting.
  • Informing Chairs and Board about the ER Working Group: What was the group up to? What has it accomplished? What is it up to? Are there any problems which have to be discussed in the board meeting?
  • Participating in the Decision-making Process of the Board: The strategic long-term decisions discussed in the board meetings require ever board member to engage in discussions to find the best solution.
  • Representing the ER Perspective and Interests: In board meetings and in general matters, the ER coordinator represents the interests of the ER working group and likewise, contributes to the discussions with their group-specific knowledge. 
  • TakingoverSpecial Tasks: Sometimes upcoming tasks match the responsibilities of several or no teams. In these cases, it’s the duty of all board members to take over these special tasks, e.g. organizing the General Assembly. 
  • Report: At the General Assembly in 2021, each board member will be asked to report on what they have accomplished in their term.