Covid-19 is spreading and we see everyday news about Covid-19. What we can do is to help to #flattenthecurve by #stayingathome and #socialdistancing. Therefore, we asked some of our members how they experience the crisis, how they have been affected and what their country is doing against Covid-19. To share also some positive points, our members will give recommendations on what we can do while staying most of the day at home.

In our previous blog posts, we have dealt with the situation in France and Turkey. This article deals with the situation in Italy: The pictures from Italy go around the world. Italy was the first European country where the corona pandemic broke out and has a high mortality rate. Therefore, Itlay has been in a national lockdown for three weeks now, but with a slight hope, because the numbers are finally decreasing

Today we speak with Elisabetta Girardi who stays in Italy at the moment. She talks about her own experience of the situation in Italy and what makes her realize how serious the Corona crisis is.

SCC: Please describe how you are and where you are staying right now

Elisabetta: I am spending the quarantine in my hometown, a small village close to Bergamo, that is one of the European areas most affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Luckily I am fine, as my family is. 

Have you had to move in the past couple of weeks? If yes, why and to where?

No. In Italy, quarantine has been established in the first days of March and since then I have remained isolated. 

How is Italy reacting to the Corona crisis?

The Italian government has emitted several decrees that keep us citizens informed about what we can and can not do. To date, most productive activities have been shut down and we can exit our homes only for undelayable necessities. 

How do you feel about the actions of Italy against the Corona crisis?

I think Italy is reacting relatively well considering the exceptional situation. No one was ready, and the government initially reacted slowly, sometimes prioritizing the economy over people’s health. However, as the gravity of the situation became clear, the government has taken strict measures and working to ensure economic support to little entrepreneurs. 

Let us talk about your experience. How are you affected by the Corona crisis?

I should have spent the current in Brazil, studying at the University of Sao Paulo. Unfortunately, my flight scheduled on 12th March was canceled and I could not leave. However, I am being able to follow the courses via online tools, since also Brazil has closed down its universities. 

How do you experience the Corona crisis living in isolation?

After three weeks of almost complete isolation, the need to meet people is strong. But I am lucky since I am healthy and I have all I need at home. I am worried because the hospitals are reaching their limits and we do not see the end of this emergency. 

What is for you most important concerning the Corona crisis?

Seeing friends with relatives in the hospital not being able to receive information. Grandparents dying and the families being denied funerals… I think this made me really understand how serious the situation is.

How do you spend your time while being in quarantine?

I have tried to establish a routine that helps me going and feel productive! I follow my classes online, do sport, cook (a lot) and read. 

To conclude: Do you have any tips on what to do during the Corona crisis?

Establish sport routine! Helps the mood and keeps you healthy 😉 

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