Tasks of the ER Working Group: The ER team is responsible for all relationships of SCC towards other organizations and people. This includes the following tasks:

Building Relationships:engaging in network events, communication with stakeholders and partners outside of SCC

  • Academic institutions and people for academic events
  • Other NGOs working in a similar field to promote SCC’s networks
  • Official authorities like the general consulate of Germany in Istanbul and others who can help the SCC

Creating new project partnerships:searching for potential partners for new projects and collaborations

  • Finding partners for a new SCC exchange project
  • Finding partners for smaller and local SCC events
  • Looking for interesting events by other organizations that we can inform our members about, so thatthey can join

Finding Sponsorship: Looking for possibilities to increase our financial budgets in cooperation with the Finance Team.

 Your Profile

  • Interested in Networking and Representing SCC: Confidently representing SCC and its values to external partners, reaching out to new people and organizations.
  • Motivation and Creativity: Dedication to improve SCC’s networks and finding new ways to do so. Having innovative ideas and wanting to pursue them. 
  • Interpersonal Skills: Empathy and emotional intelligence, intercultural sensitivity, inclusive and open personality, team-player, etc.