What are you responsible for?

After joining the IstKon exchanges in 2018 and 2019, I have been a member in the SCC since its first General Assembly at the IstKon conference in 2019. After a year of inactivity abroad in Mexico, I joined the working groups again in beginning of 2020. In July, I got elected as board member for IT.

What are your goals until the next GA?

Ensure easy and effective on-boarding and inclusion of new members. Use the challenges of the COVID-crisis to make SCC fit for digital work and collaboration, as we will be a mostly remote association working online from all over the world. GDPR-conformity, using benefits for charities, digital outreach, organizational development.

What is your personal favorite moment with SCC/IstKon and why?

The small moments, when you learn something fundamental about another culture, country or political system that helps you understand their perspective and reality better. Or the parties, when you realize that after all we are really the same in principle.