Tasks of the Finance Working Group:The Finance Team is responsible for all tasks related to banking, fees, sponsoring and financial matters. This includes the following tasks:

Managing the Finances of the SCC: Keeping an overview of SCC’s finances and ensuring long-term financial sustainability

  • Bookkeeping and overseeing the SCC bank account
  • Collection of membership fees (in-and outside of the SEPA-area)

Applying for Sponsorship:Applying for sponsorships to increase SCC’s financial budgets in cooperation with the ER Team.

Financial Consultation of Projects: Consulting and advising SCC-Projects by documenting expenditures and creating financial plans

  • Supportin financial and sponsoring issues
  • Cooperation with IstKon finance heads (management of IstKon money) 

Your Profile 

  • Interest in Learning More about Banking and Accounting: Supporting the Chief Financial Officer with financial tasks.
  • Interest in Increasing SCC’s Networks and Funding: reaching out to potential sponsors, applying for sponsoring, etc.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Empathy and emotional intelligence, intercultural sensitivity, inclusive and open personality, team-player, etc.