by Sena Adıkutlu

The Future Conference (FC) is much more than an ordinary conference; it is about evaluating the previous year, creating new roadmaps and planning the next year. Along this line, it’s about becoming a team and getting to know a new culture. If all of this excites you, why not take a look at what happened at Future Conference 2019?

The Future Conference 2019 was held at TAK Kadikoy in Istanbul with the participation of the old and new IstKon Student Exchange Core Team and new and old SCC Board members. This intensive three-day program consisted of two main sessions; morning and afternoon sessions, and of course coffee breaks to ease the intensity of them! The German-Turkish Youth Bridge supported the event and, thus, was a big support for this and last projects.

In the morning session of the first day, the participants of the Future Conference had the opportunity to get to know each other and to talk about the vision and values of the association in Workshop I ​​under the moderation of former SCC chair Jonas Monninger. For this session, the participants were divided into various groups and worked on different issues. After an efficient workshop, the participants enjoyed their lunch break of delicious Döner and Falafel. In the afternoon, Workshop II proceeded from two different branches. For the IstKon Core Team, Thomas Kurz and Puthyraksmey Yama presented the last year’s feedback. After the presentation, the core team was divided into specific teams and evaluated the feedback. In line with all this feedback, the core teams created the framework for the IstKon Student Exchange #IstKon2020. SCC – Student Connecting Culture – reviewed the last year’s feedback and discussed how to improve with this feedback for the next year. At the end of the day, all participants came together and made a short evaluation. And that’s how the academic part of the first day was completed! 

In the first workshop of the second day, individual roadmaps were created by the Core Team heads. After a short lunch break, it was time to create a common roadmap. All Core team members came together and combined the individual roadmaps to form the overall roadmap of IstKon 2020. Meanwhile, SCC also created a roadmap by developing its strategies under the moderation of Andreas Brox. Practical issues were also discussed in the last workshop of the day. The evaluation of the day was done and the academic part of the second day was finished. The last workshop of the last day was devoted to express opinions about the IstKon project and SCC. Also, decisions were made on key issues affecting the whole team. All of these three days were evaluated as a whole team and officially, the Future Conference was over.

Cultural Events

It is impossible to think of a program about cultural exchange without cultural events! Therefore, the fruitful and intensive academic days were crowned with cultural events.

The Restaurant Khalkedon Fenerbahce was preferred for the opening dinner. This is a delightful place to eat delicious meals while offering a fascinating view of Istanbul. The Formary Honorary President Assembly of European Regions, Hande Özsan Bozatlı, accompanied the IstKon & SCC family at this dinner. You know what is said: Music is universal. That’s why the FC participants dived into a night of music in a karaoke bar. Sometimes the participants left themselves to the rhythm of music, sometimes they sang songs arm in arm. Music once again proved to be the best uniting force. On the second day, the traditional Meyhane Night event took place in Shisha Tavern in Kadikoy. Participants enjoyed Raki with many traditional appetizers (called “mezze”) while having dinner. Again, everyone had an evening full of fun and live music, which is a must for this special night! İrem Aytaç and Eylül Eva Cemail showed a great performance by arranging all these cultural events. 

Meticulous evaluations, academic discussions, new roadmaps, and entertaining cultural events… That’s the summary of the whole conference! The Future Conference 2019 has already ended, but this end is a new beginning. Hang on to your hat, IstKon 2020 and the General Assembly 2020 is coming soon! 

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