Since 2016, students of the Marmara University in Istanbul and the University of Konstanz jointly organize an academic and cultural exchange called “IstKon Student Exchange”. In this annual program, around 75 students come together to exchange their ideas and cultures in a ten-day program. It combines informal and formal education with intercultural activities. The participants work on matters of civil society and international politics in seminars and lectures. We additionally developed concepts of workshops and other cultural activities to facilitate an intercultural experience for all our participants. Furthermore, our buddy system enables a deep exchange on the individual level and lays the foundation for cross-border friendship. Every student becomes matched with another student of the other countries – his or her buddy.

So far, about 150 students profited from our initial project and more will follow. We are already working on the fourth volume of IstKon which will take place in Istanbul in May 2020.

Our common project started with the simple idea of establishing cooperation between students. Despite all obstacles, we managed to set up this exchange program between Istanbul and Konstanz which became well-established in student life at both universities. By our example, we want to inspire doers with the same vision and offer concrete support! We can consult you in organizational affairs, generating funds, programmatic issues, establishing your own network of partners and much more.

Soon you will get more information on how you can address our services!

If you have the idea of starting an exchange project between young people or have already started, do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will realize the project you are dreaming about!