Do you want to support the further development of SCC to connect more young people in a position with major responsibilities?

Do you want to be involved in improving our work in an association consisting of very motivated international people?

Do you want to have a chance to further develop yourself and your project management and intercultural skills?

Then you are a perfect candidate for one of our board positions!

Are you interested in joining the Board of 2020/2021?  

If you are thinking about running for the next SCC board, you can read here about the open board positions.

All interested candidates are kindly asked to get in touch with us in advance. Please write to the board’s E-Mail Address.

Q & A

Who can become a board member?

To become a member of the board of SCC you just need to be a member of our association. In our membership section, you may find information on how to get involved this way.

What is the task of the board?

The board is responsible for the management of the association. Furthermore, it is responsible for the formal representation of SCC, the organization of the general assembly (GA) and the search for new partnerships and sponsors. It also takes care of the creation and management of an alumni network, including all the former members of SCC and participants of its student exchanges.

How are the members of the board elected?

As stated in our charter, the board must be heterogeneous in terms of nationality and gender. It consists of two chairs that legally represent SCC and take care of the overall management of the Board. Also, there must be one treasurer responsible for the financial management of the association. Besides, there can be up to eight assessors, whose number and functions are determined by the necessities and objectives of SCC.

Each member of the board is elected individually by the GA for a term of one year with a simple majority of the present members.  The current board has been elected unanimously by the participants of the General Assembly, which took place on the 18th May 2019 in Konstanz.

If you are unsure whether you want to become a board member, you can join our working groups at first!