What are you responsible for?

I am responsible for the management of the external relations affairs of SCC. We are managing these affairs with a working group which is called external relations working group. We are generally working on expanding the network of SCC by finding new contacts and participating in various kinds of capacity building events.

What are your goals until the next GA?

Until the next GA, I am planning that every member of SCC will better know the partnerships of SCC. I mean, we will have some concrete network, which comes to everyone’s mind when the topic comes to the external relations. Further, I am always aiming a more active SCC, which will be wellknown in the youth network communuties.

What is your personal favorite moment with SCC/IstKon and why?

Every moment that we experience any kind of interaction. For example, in each board meeting, I am learning something new about the people from other cultures. It was same, when I was in the IstKon core team. So, these little interactions are all special to me.