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How can I become a member of SCC?

Becoming a member of SCC is simple, you just have to fill out our online membership application and complete your information regarding the payment method. Once you have submitted the form, we will approve your request and you will thereby become an official member of the association.

Who can become a member of SCC?

As stated in our charter, any natural or juristic person who commits her/himself to the goals of the association can become our member; if you like what we do, if you want to get directly involved or if you simply want to support us, this is you!

Why should I become a member of SCC?

There are several benefits deriving from being a member of SCC:

  1. You will become part of a network of former young people committed to connecting cultures
  2. You will stay in touch and further support the sustainable future of the IstKon Student Exchange and further projects.
  3. You will have the right to participate in the General Assemblies and other future SCC events like possible SCC network meetings. During the General Assemblies, you can contribute to give direction to the association and elect the Board members. You will also have the chance to candidate yourself for a position on the Board.

However, the extent of your participation depends on you; active participation is not compulsory. Also if you just want to show your support and stay updated and connected, you should become a member!

How much does it cost?

Being a member also requires the payment of an annual membership fee which supports the work of the association. The amount of the fee is determined by the board but can be changed by the absolute majority of the General Assembly, and it is currently fixed at only € 5 yearly. If you become a member, there will be more information on the payment of the fee by our Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  

How can I end my membership?

If you want to withdraw your membership, you can resign by notifying your intention to the chairs at least three months before the end of the calendar year, and you will be automatically cease to be a member as soon as the year is over.