• As stated in our charter, the purpose of the association is the support of an international spirit, tolerance in all fields of culture and understanding among nations. This includes:
  • Support and promotion of intercultural and academic exchanges among students and young people in the spirit of international understanding;
  • Creation of an institutionalized framework for knowledge and information sharing and academic and cultural training;
  • Enabling students and young people to develop and realize their ideas and to empower themselves;
  • Establishing a sustainable network of alumni to exchange experiences.
SCC-Logo, which includes the above mentioned pieces – international spirit, tolerance and understanding – of our purpose.
  • The purpose of the statutes should be realized in particular through the following measures and projects among other things:
  • organization and implementation of student exchanges
  • intercultural, academical and organizational training, encounters, and seminars
  • consulting services
  • discussion events, online applications and public events

Read the full charter here.