What are you responsible for?

As a combined group, Project Management and Membership affairs are my specific responsibilities apart from all general duties as being a board member.

What are your goals until the next GA?

The last year of IstKon and SCC has realized unpredictable due to the pandemic crises. From the first day of the IstKon, the main goal is to provide sustainability for the organization. Therefore, my prior personal aims are sustaining IstKon under unusual circumstances and helping the core members as much as I can with qualified communication between our association and the project.

What is your personal favorite moment with SCC/IstKon and why?

My first IstKon experience was a Konstanz session of the project and coincided with Ramadan. The activity of the day was dinner, since I was fasting, I was waiting for the time to eat. When other people at the same table from different cultures were waiting with me to eat, I totally understood that the most important thing is not identity or background to communicate or be friend, the only important thing is understanding and respect.