SCC consists of more than just the Members of our Board. Our engaged members are an equally integral part of the association. In this series, we want to present to you some of them and what they are volunteering as.

What is your name?
Felix Kreis

Where do you volunteer?
Young European Federalists (Konstanz)

Since when and as what do you volunteer as?
I became familiar with the association in 2017 at the beginning of my studies. Since then, I was an active member and later a board member with the special task to organize a joint-seminar together with the Austrian section of this organization. Currently, it is difficult to participate because of my Erasmus-stay in Great Britain where it has almost no local sections.

Please tell us a bit about your organization.
The Young European Federalists are a political youth organisation, that is active and organized in local sections all over Europe The main goal is to promote the European Integration through a strengthened and further democratized European Union.  One local project of the local section in Konstanz is the “Bodenseeseminar” (Lake Constanze-seminar) with yearly changing topics that connect participants from countries around the lake and further, while providing them with skills and knowledge to help the European Integration gain momentum.

What is your motivation for volunteering there?
I think the European Project is crucial to ensure a secure, wealth-entailing and progressive life for all Europeans. The EU could become an influential humanitarian, peace-fostering global actor. But we need informed and committed citizens to fulfill this comprehensive promise. This can be best achieved through small local grassroot movements, who encourage people to think about the EU and what it could become. Besides that, it is great fun to discuss and work with many people who want to achieve the same goals, but often in another way.

Do you want to tell the readers something additionally?
Start volunteering! It is a good way to make new friends and develop your skills! And besides, you will change the world a little.

Interested in the Young Europeans Federalist (JEF) in Konstanz?
Check out their webpage (in German only):
Be up-to-date with their facebook page (in German only):

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