SCC consists of more than just the Members of our Board. Our engaged members are an equally integral part of the association. In this series, we want to present to you some of them and what they are volunteering as.

What is your name?
Irem Aytac

Where do you volunteer?
I volunteer in this association, Students Connecting Cultures.

Since when and as what do you volunteer as?
Since the establishment of SCC. I was one of the project managers in its initial year. In the first General Assembly, I chose to be an active member due to my tight schedule in school.

Please tell us a bit about your organization.
SCC is a supportive organization for cultural and academic exchanges, composed of university students. The association aims to create new exchange projects, to provide an atmosphere for international students to share knowledge and experiences in life. I think the most important aim, for now, is ensuring the sustainability of the IstKon project, which is the starting point of SCC and a base for all possible exchanges.

What is your motivation for volunteering there?
When I participated in IstKon2018, I was curious, because I have never been to a project like that. In the end, I felt capable of using my knowledge from lectures and articles. I could apply theoretical knowledge to practical cases. This was the biggest motivation I had when I decided to be a founding member of the SCC. Additionally, it is always nice to meet people from different cultures. When I combined these two, I said, that I want all students to discover this amazing combination and this association may help them do so.

Do you want to tell the readers something additionally?
It is perfectly normal to hesitate about your knowledge or your linguistic capabilities in that kind of project or organization, but in order to overcome your concerns, you need to step in. When you do that, you will see that IstKon and SCC exist to make you aware of your capabilities, exist to support you, to teach you, but more of a learning experience from you. 

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