SCC consists of more than just the Members of our Board. Our engaged members are an equally integral part of the association. In this series, we want to present to you some of them and what they are volunteering as (outside of SCC or our projects).

What is your name?
 Samuel Wörz

Where do you volunteer apart from SCC / IstKon?
Alongside SCC / Istkon I am also a member of the Young European Federalists (JEF) group in Konstanz.

Since when and as what do you volunteer as?
I am a member since November 2018. Right now I am organising an international seminar for the JEF in Konstanz.

Please tell us a bit about your organization.
The JEF is a non-partisan youth organisation, advocating for more European integration as well as a better and stronger European Union.
Education and similar youth topics are a focus of the JEF programme alongside simple awareness-raising. An exemplary project would be the European Youth Parliaments. For this, high school students are invited by the JEF to do a mock parliamentary session of the European Parliament.

What is your motivation for volunteering there?
I have joined JEF because I believe in the idea of a multicultural & united Europe. The JEF is a possibility for me to discuss and share these ideas with other people, all accompanied by a fair bit of fun socialising.

Interested in this organization?
Check out their webpage (in German only):

Be up-to-date with their facebook page (in German only):

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