SCC consists of more than just the Members of our Board. Our engaged members are an equally integral part of the association. In this series, we want to present to you some of them and what they are volunteering as.

What is your name?
Sena Adikutlu

Where do you volunteer?
I volunteer in the IstKon Student Exchange as an organizer.

Since when and as what do you volunteer as?
I’ve been volunteering at IstKon since 2018 and currently am in the IstKon Core Team as the Head of Culture on the Istanbul-side.

Please tell us a bit about your organization.
IstKon is an academic and cultural exchange organization, which was founded by a group of students from Marmara University in Istanbul and from the University of Konstanz. It is fully organized by students, has nine days of a yearly conference and financial support provided through sponsors. The main aim of the program is to provide cultural exchange and to support social science students academically.

What is your motivation for volunteering there?
I have participated in many conferences, seminars and workshops to improve myself, have taken part in many student clubs and worked as a volunteer in some organizations. At the beginning, IstKon was also one of these “self-improvement” tools for me, but today I see, that IstKon means more to me than an ordinary tool.  Because all the results of addition equal one in Istkon. Two plus two equals one, ten plus ten equals one, sixty plus sixty equals one. With that I mean, that we are able to become “one” and “same” here, although we are coming from different cultures, different geographies, different languages or different beliefs. That’s why I am still part of this organization and try to do my best here.

Do you want to tell the readers something additionally?
Our perspective can sometimes be quite narrow in some cases, even though we do not notice much in daily life. Because we all use personal windows to look at life. These windows consists of what we have learned so far and the experiences we have gained. So what should we do? Should we keep looking at the increasingly globalized world through our windows which are not wide enough? Of course not! We need to get out of the comfort zone. Right now! And take an action step immediately. How about taking your first step to IstKon to look at life from a new window? 

Interested in this organization?
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